Following Arrest

The Process Following An Arrest

When someone is arrested in California, they will be transported to the nearest Police station or law enforcement center for processing and booking. The time it takes for this process will depend on the size of the facility, and how busy they happen to be. The entire booking process can realistically take anywhere from 1 hour, to 12 hours and sometimes more.

As soon as the arrested individual arrives, they will be searched for drugs and weapons. All personal property will be confiscated, documented, and stored by an officer, or jailer. The detainee will not have access to this property whilst incarcerated. During the booking process, the detainee will be fingerprinted, a background check performed, warrant search, and then be processed into the system. They will also be cross referenced in the national criminal system, and updated there as well.

Following this process, the offender will be escorted to a jail cell. While some jails have a payphone for an inmate to make their phone call from, others do not, so will have to wait until the jailer’s convenience to use an alternative telephone. Due to this, it is very important for the person the detainee calls, to take down specific information. Writing down where the inmate is being held, what they were charged with, and clarify their full legal name. The bail bond company you decide to go to for assistance, will require this information to begin the release process.

In the event an offender qualifies for bail, they will be informed during the booking process. Bail bonds are not decided up until after the booking process is completed. Following the booking process, the inmate will then be able to make their phone call, and give the information necessary for a bail bond firm to assist them.